Knowing how to craft and leverage your stories to motivate, inspire and serve others is one of  the most powerful leadership skills you need in your portfolio.

 “People are more likely to ask their own questions and seek their own excellence when they feel themselves to be grounded in their personal histories—their own stories, their lived lives, their ‘landscapes.”

— Maxine Greene

Before people

can care about what you know they have to know who you are. Stories are easy to remember because stories are how we remember.

When you tell a story you connect with your audience authentically, build a relationship, develop trust and get your message across.

In leadership your stories can help communicate your brand, values and vision – what really matters to you.

In this programme you’ll create and rehearse a powerful story and message from which you lead.


Learn fast track techniques for accessing and organising your story.

Get personal performance coaching and feedback to build on to tell your story.

Acquire rehearsal methods to know your story, embody your story and free yourself from notes.

Connect to your unique signature and impact as a leader.

Leverage your authentic presence and influence.

All The World’s A Stage… The Greatest Role You Play Is Yourself