The Dance of Influence

Learn how to be at your best in all the environments you operate in.

“You don’t have a body, you are a body.”

— Jennifer Cohen


In the course

of your working day, week or month you probably engage in an astonishing number of scenarios – from making presentations to leading team meetings, giving feedback to a direct report to hosting global conference calls and much more.


In such a range of environments it’s only natural that you will feel at your best in some and challenged in others.

This programme is a deep dive into the challenges of your environments and highly effective methods for how to be at your best in them.

At the heart of this process is the understanding that whilst you need to take on many roles in order to be a successful leader you only have one body – the source of balance in your complexity.

Learning how to manage your energy and prepare your presence is key for influencing your stakeholders in all your scenarios



Learn Powerful Self-Awareness Techniques For Acting With Intention.

Clarify your challenges And Discover Resources And Solutions

Create A Personal Preparation Plan That Aligns With The Outcomes You Want To Create

Understand How To Build Resilience And Manage Your Energy

Acquire Tools For Staying On Centre Under Pressure

Be Able To Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Coach

All The World’s A Stage… The Greatest Role You Play Is Yourself