“My coaching sessions with Diana have been a special gift… and I have felt myself physically and metaphorically grow through our thoughtful and energetic sessions….”

Julianne Antrobus, Strategy & Business Development Director
UK, Europe & Middle East Nuclear
SNC-Lavalin, Atkin

“I wish I could bottle Diana up and let her out every morning when I start my day at work – to bring me into the moment and fully focussed and energised.”

Sarah Fennell, Head of Diversity & Inclusion – EMEAR Moody’s Corporation

“Incredibly inspirational – demonstrated some brilliant tools”
“Diana’s sessions were so different and exciting”

Executive Presence Programme participant, McKinsey

“Loved her energy and presence…a master facilitator.”

Accelerate Leadership Programme, HSBC

“The experience of working with Diana has transformed my perspectives on my life, my career and what I want from it.”

Andrew Cooke, Head of Cyber Consulting, Airbus Defence and Space (Space Systems, Inc)

“A fantastic combination of teaching, coaching and rehearsal that you will not get anywhere else…Will really make a difference”

— Impact & Influence, Cranfield

Now I know what I am capable of…all I can say is bring it on”

— Director, FAITHFUL & GOULD

“It is no exaggeration to say that this has been life changing”

— Speaking to Inspire for Senior Leaders, Cranfield

“Diana is the most effective and engaging facilitator I have ever worked with.”

Centered Leadership Client, Banff Centre

“Great energy, great insights, great coach!”

“Passionate and creative”

“Amazing, very inspiring!”

Leadership Mastery Program participant, Mckinsey

“Diana’s amazing energy and powerful questions helped me to see my transformational journey from another perspective and has given me inspiration and clarity on my direction in just one coaching session”

Karen Ramsey-Smith, CEO
Bigger Picture Coaching

“You have made an extraordinary difference to me”
Sarah Rayner, Senior Director, Operations & Culture, Edition Hotels, New York

“Worked brilliantly…perfectly pitched and gave our priority leaders just what they needed to feel confident in delivering well outside of their usual comfort zone… It was just fantastic”

— Element Six Group

Your coaching has had a transformational effect… And the outcomes have improved hugely as a result.”

— Business Director, ATKINS

“Immensely Inspiring! Game Changing! Crazy Valuable!”

— Senior Executive Team, Edition Hotel, New York

Helped me reframe my challenge and vision in a life changing, transformational way… very impactful, thank you.”


“Having Diana as my coach has been a constructive, and fun, experience! Diana really made me think about my job role in a way that I have never done before. She has given me a great number of avenues to pick and choose from on how to approach my role, how to handle presentations whoever the audience, and how to bring a level of natural confidence and calm to the table whatever the situation. The tools that she has provided me with will definitely be used and sharpened up on every occasion.”

Tim Belser, Vice President – Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Asda

“Diana Theodores supported us during week 1 and week 3 of our APEX program here at Walmart. Probably the best testimony came from our CEO who said: “The people I saw starting out in this program week 1 and those who I see standing in front of me now on Week 3 are totally different.” ..It was absolutely amazing how Diana started to shape their paradigm as to ‘how they show up’ by taking them out of their comfort zone and pushing them to think and behave differently as they shared their story…I was absolutely amazed to watch the transformation as each of them incorporated the concepts and behaviours that Diana taught them. It was really well done. ”

Michelle Knight – VP, Int’l People – Talent Management, Walmart

“An extraordinary talent…I have worked in an executive capacity in financial services for nearly 20 years and have worked with a number of executive coaches. In all that time Diana is the most impressive coach that I have ever had the pleasure to work with…I have learnt so much from Diana in such a short space of time. I was constantly surprised by her and her unique perspective on business performance. She has empowered me to think, feel and behave differently and after 30 years that is quite an extraordinary thing…”

Jo Palmer – Director, Divestment, Development & Group Property LLOYDS BANKING GROUP