As a kid growing up in New York I was raised on a diet of inspirational performances. From Bernstein to Baryshnikov I witnessed performers invest 100% in the moment with their audience. When I left the theatre after these performances, I experienced the world differently. I felt ‘more’ in every way: more alive, more hopeful, more motivated, more passionate, more courageous.

The inspiration of those formative years led me to a life in the arts, as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, researcher, writer and theatre director.

Now I bring this lifetime of experience, research and understanding about what makes great performance to the world stage of business and coaching executives just like you to achieve your best performance.

My coaching is motivating, enabling and igniting and I’m 100% committed and passionate about what I do: bringing your performance to life. This is confirmed by the many transformative moments I’ve had the privilege of sharing with my clients.