Story Coaching

Transform your career profile into a compelling narrative for those who need to hear it.

 “Getting the story right is critical, as much for motivating ourselves as for enlisting the help of others.”

— Herminia Ibarra



your story is the most effective means of communicating your credibility, confidence and authenticity – which is key to high performance and inspires engagement and commitment.

Through stories we can see and understand our challenges more clearly, make sense of our actions, and forge new paths ahead. Stories harness our success and failure as sources of power and wisdom.

Story Coaching is a powerful and effective process that helps you to unlock, clarify, strengthen and communicate the compelling story you need to tell about your career journey, professional credibility,  contributions to your organisation, or your leadership vision and impact.



Recognise and value your strengths and unique contributions.

Identify the learning and development you’ve acquired from each stage of your career journey.

Get insights from failures and successes

See clearly the direction you want to go and why.

Enlist support from influencers.

Be prepared for interviews & promotion panels.

All The World’s A Stage… The Greatest Role You Play Is Yourself