We Believe That Good Relationships Depend On Good Communication.

Forming the Brief

Our courses are bespoke. This means that we are curious about the needs of each client and attend to them with a fresh, keen interest, gathering together a range of tools and strategies we believe will ensure the desired outcomes.  We have found that the most valuable work is preceded by full and open consultation.   We encourage our clients to involve us as soon as possible in forming the brief and clarifying their needs and goals.

Internal Communication

The training programme begins with an invitation or brief for the participants to take part. From this moment participants anticipate the event, make assumptions and create expectations.  To ensure that everyone gets the most from their training experience, we ask clients to discuss and agree with us the wording and presentation of these participant invitations.

Participant Preparation

We often suggest preparation tasks for participants before training begins.  If this is agreed with our clients, we hope to discuss and agree the content and timeline for this preparation. 

The Learning Environment

In order to create a vital and stimulating learning environment we believe it is important to have a space large and fresh enough for creative thinking and moving around. We are happy to assist you in selecting a venue.  We offer the following room size guidelines for groups of 8-20 people:

~ 10 x 5 metres for groups of up to 6

~ 14 x 10 metres for groups of 8 – 12

~ 20 x 11 metres for groups of 13- 20

Natural light is always preferable and it is essential for any event lasting over half a day.
Furniture and/or equipment being provided at the venue needs to be in place and operational at least one hour before participants arrive to ensure a prompt and easy start.
Unnecessary furniture and equipment clutters the space and confuses the focus of the day.  It is helpful if it is removed when the room is set up (above).


All our work is customised and fees are outlined in the consultation. Once agreed we provide you with a written contract for your review and confirmation.