Your influence starts from the moment you walk into the room.

 “We convince by our presence.”

— Walt Whitman


Learn how

to create a powerful impression and  enhance the quality of your engagement.

As you lead at a higher level of visibility your presence and capacity to engage with others heightens your credibility and attracts confidence in you and commitment to your ideas – even after you’ve left the room.

Upgrade your choices for impact and the skills to influence your  board, your team and your clients in all your work environments.



Understand your performance in relation to your key environments.

Learn how to prepare  for different Influence scenarios.

Communicate with greater clarity,confidence and purpose.

Build your capacity to be centered under pressure.

Have more agility to be fully present and think on your feet.

Practice a range of influencing tactics.

All The World’s A Stage… The Greatest Role You Play Is Yourself