Leading From Your Story

This transformational program for women leaders at all levels grows visibility through storytelling. It is your turning point for investing in the stories that shape who you are at your best.

“I am larger than I thought, I did not know I held so much goodness.”

— Walt Whitman


For many

women the invitation to tell a story about something they have achieved and are proud of feels uncomfortable. “I don’t like to big myself up” is the often-expressed starting point.


Research shows that women feel more comfortable speaking up on someone else’s behalf and have a harder time speaking up about themselves and being in the spotlight.

Talented, dedicated, immensely competent women too often wait for their contributions to be recognised and rewarded rather than “claiming the I” of their own story.

What emerges when they do tell that story is an exciting and powerful shift in energy and presence. Why?

Because when you connect to your life experience through story you are at your most authentic.

In this programme you will experience profound and joyous processes from storytelling, scripting, rehearsing and performance coaching.

You will unlock, clarify, and tell the story you need to tell; a compelling story that you can utilise as a leader and communicate inspirationally.




Connect To Your Unique Signature And Impact As A Leader.

Inspire, Influence And Make A Difference By Investing In Your Stories.

Grow Your Presence And Your Capacity To Influence And Inspire Others.

Experience Increased Confidence And Courage.

Acquire The Agility To Tell Your Story For Different Contexts, Environments, Audiences.

All The World’s A Stage… The Greatest Role You Play Is Yourself