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5-6 November 2019

Designing Success

Building on four decades as the premier professional development event for women in the US,
the 2019 International Simmons Leadership Conference is coming to Dublin, Ireland on November 5-6.
The theme of this year’s program, Designing Success, focuses on the need
for women leaders to constantly reinvent themselves and redefine what it means to succeed.
Each of the outstanding speakers has a fascinating story to tell about setting her own measure of success and,
by example, inspiring others to do the same.

Afternoon Keynote

Performing as YOU: A Rehearsal Space for Designing Your Success

Diana Theodores, PhD, International Performance Coach, Author, and Director

Performance is not just the domain of the arts. All the world is a stage and the greatest role you will ever get to play is yourself.

This means connecting to your unique and creative life force and daring to bring your fullest, authentic self forward. International performance coach and author Diana Theodores invites you into a rehearsal room where you can explore powerful principles and practices
that will deepen your impact, engagement, and fulfillment on the business stage.

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To book Diana Theodores for keynotes:
or call 020 7692 8714