In the words of Charles Handy “If you want to be Successful in Business think Theatre”

Communication and Creativity

Presence and Presentation

The driving passion

behind the Theatre 4 Business brand is the evidence-based belief that the world of theatre offers elegant and critical lessons for business leaders, teams and organisations for radically improving performance.

What are these lessons?  There are many but today we’ll start with communication.

Great performers inspire us because they practice and prepare.  They do this so that they can perform at their best in the moment.

Great performers want to be with their audience, making something happen, something of value and meaning.

They connect to their words with their voice, body, belief, energy and commitment.

They care about communicating.

The Challenge in Business

Scripting and Improvising

Rehearsal and Resilience

When you care about communication great things can happen:

That’s when you connect with your customers and build relationships more effectively

That’s when your team feels motivated and  empowered

That’s when those talented women in the organisation’s pipeline raise their visibility

That’s when you can climb out of your default zone and recharge your presentations when they’ve become “stale, flat and unprofitable”

That’s when you can go off script and think on your feet with flair

That’s when you and your team can unlock more creativity, recharge the vision and reinvest in the messages.

That’s when you and all your stakeholders are seen, heard and valued.

Is the Business of Theatre