Transform your team into a creative thinking, high performing ensemble.

  “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”

— Carl Jung

“Loved her energy and presence…a master facilitator.”

Leadership Client, HSBC

“The experience of working with Diana has transformed my perspectives on my life, my career and what I want from it.”

Director, Atkins

“Diana Theodores brings really vital and contagious energy to her work that makes it virtually impossible not to engage fully in the subject in question.”

Irish Management Institute


team productivity and motivation means effective collaboration. This is the meeting ground for creativity, innovation and action.
The most successful teams embrace multi-perspective thinking, diversity and even dissonance to produce new thinking and solutions.
Discover the strengths and assets of your team players and release the collective creativity.
Learn ‘Yes…And’ thinking together to build on ideas.
Learn how to create and tell  your collective story.
The results are more energy, connection, fun and quality outcomes.


Clarify your team story and what part your team plays in the bigger organisational story and mission.
Learn techniques for focussing and being fully present together.
Increase effective listening and  feedback skills.
Understand how to get into a state of flow and creativity together.



Theatre 4 Business harnesses the wisdom of the theatre for the challenges of business.

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