Dr Diana Theodores, Speaker, International Performance Coach, Author

Inspiring leaders to step into their biggest selves for greater influence, engagement and fulfilment

It’s my passion and privilege to inspire you to bring your fullest, boldest, authentic self through the door of your organisation or workplace and truly make a difference.

So let’s pull back the safety curtain, step into the warmth of the spotlight and enjoy the energy and flow of being at your best whether engaging with 1 person or 1,000 as a leader, team player human being.

You can find my podcasts, interviews and articles in Linked In, New Business, Forbes, Business Life, We Are the City, The Smart Manager, Glamour, Planet Mindful, Sunday Times Style, Happiful, the Cranfield School of Management Executive Knowledge Hub, BBC World Business Journal, Share Radio, Radio Ulster, and Newstalk.

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Performing As You: How to have authentic impact in every role you play

Performing as You is one of the only business books to bring powerful lessons from theatre and performance onto the business stage through the lens of the self. Readers are challenged, supported and galvanised to embrace their unique life force, own their gifts and awaken their fullest powers of expression.