The Performing As YOU Programme

As a leader you operate in a great variety of environments and scenarios – from the live to the virtual, the boardroom to the auditorium, team meetings to 1-2-1’s. Agility, gravitas, and the ability to create maximum engagement and results in all the roles you play are key elements of your impact and influence. Most essentially, as senior leaders I work with worldwide voice most frequently is the desire to get great results while feeling and acting on a deeper sense of self and authenticity (“to feel more like me”).

Bring your fullest self forward

Based on the 10 key principles of this widely acclaimed book, experience a unique performance-coaching programme that shows you how you can be yourself, keep it real, and transform your personal performance.

As a team or organisation you can enjoy this content in a flexible portfolio of formats, including off-site immersions, masterclasses, interactive talks, and in-house intensives. 

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