Josie Sutcliffe

Executive & Leadership Mentor and Coach (ILM), theatre director, Programme Director and Visiting Faculty at Cranfield School of Management who attracts a consistent 5-star rating; Presenter of the Southwest radio programme, Culture & Review; passionate about the medium of theatre as a highly effective coaching tool for helping people to create the story they seek to live.

Nick Owen

Acclaimed author, theatre director, actor, storyteller, coach, and catalyst with an international reputation across business, the arts and education; Certified Coach in NLP, Global Leadership Profile, the Leadership Development Framework and Spiral Dynamics; specialises in the power of storytelling and narrative to create change, compelling presentations, the power of breath, voice, and energy in leadership interventions, and the role of metaphor in unlocking difficult issues.

Jane Nash

Jane Nash is Founding Director of Narativ London, a company whose mission state-ment is ‘a world connected by listening and telling personal stories’. For over ten years she has facilitated workshops for individuals who wish to excavate, shape and tell their personal story for creative, business, educational and personal development reasons. She has also worked with diverse organisations designing and delivering programmes on Listening & Storytelling for Leadership, Advocacy and Person-al/Professional Development. Jane developed her expertise in story working as an actor, writer and theatre maker over the last 4 decades. She has appeared on Film and in Television; performed in repertory theatres around Britain and at many London theatres.

Hilary Fraser

Hilary Fraser is a specialist in people development. She works with global executives to increase the impact of their leadership presence, to build their ability to serve clients at senior level and to communicate flexibly and with power. She works 1-1 and with groups , bringing a thoughtful, eclectic and tailored approach to serve each client’s needs.

Didi Hopkins

A leading expert on the theatre tradition of commedia dell’arte working with the National Theatre and with the RSC and with a longstanding career in radio, TV and film; internationally popular performance coach and facilitator helping leaders bring their messages to life and step into the spotlight boldly and authentically.

Helen Chadwick

Voice Coach with 40 years experience in coaching and creating confident, inspiring voices in all professional sectors, from actors to executives; commissioned song theatre artist for the Royal Opera House, English Touring Opera, the BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre; formerly Voice Coach at the National Theatre.

Jack Langenhuizen

International touring choreographer, dancer, teacher with MOTUS O dance theatre that he co-founded in 1990; a resident artist in leadership development programs who facilitates the use of movement in embodied leadership practices and has pioneered the use of dance playback (Moving Stories) as a powerful tool for helping leaders see and understand their challenges more clearly.

Martin Boroson

Keynote speaker, executive coach, mindfulness expert and creator of One-Moment Meditation®, the powerful and practical approach to meditation that helps people tap the power of just one moment of focused attention; produces highly-successful online training programs for Fortune 500 companies using One-Moment Meditation to break through the time barrier and boost energy, resilience, and innovation quickly

Colin Funk

Renowned facilitator and program designer in creativity and leadership development who applies his 25 years experience as director and theatre producer throughout western Canada as a medium for pioneering unique executive development initiatives such as the Leadership Learning Lab at the Banff Centre.