• STOP! and Drink. Water not coffee – water keeps you calm and keeps your voice clear and strong. Coffee dries you out and makes you nervous.
  • STOP! and Breathe. Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Get instantly grounded and present.
  • STOP! and Choose. Take a moment to get familiar with the presentation space and then decide where and how you want to be in that space. Don’t just rush in and adapt to the set up!
  • STOP! and Look. Look at your environment; this is your performance space, make it familiar. Look at your audience. Be interested. Make eye contact.
  • STOP! and Slow…Down. Really take your time. Remember, your audience is hearing your words for the first time. Give them a chance to absorb what you are saying and give yourself a chance to relax and feel a genuine sense of being ‘present.’

The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you haven't thought of yet. Ann Landers

  • GO! and Know-Your-Purpose. What is at the heart of your presentation/pitch? Why should your audience be interested in it? Why do YOU think it’s important? Answer these ALOUD and be very clear and brief. This is your “DRIVER’ for the presentation and it keeps you going forward with confidence.
  • GO! and get the ‘Story’. Information tells. Stories sell. Stories capture your audience’s imagination and create rapport. So think story not presentation and finish this sentence: This is a story about…
  • GO! and get inspired. Think of a speaker, presenter or performer who inspires you. What do they do that is effective? Copy something!
  • GO! and Keep Going. Begin without apology, without filler, without boring conventions. Get to the good stuff and sustain your energy. Keep it alive and moving.

It donít mean a thing if it ainít got that swing! Duke Ellington